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Success step by step

What is success? Everyone has their own definition. There is a grey area between success and failure--without success. From failure to success, only a little bit of distance, that is, it may seem like a trivial point, causing great division. A little more dream, a little more stick, a little more courage …Just a tiny bit more, you can stand at the pinnacle of success.

Hunan Xiangtan a unfamous small town has two young person loves painting, when they are 20 years old, the young person who has painting talent put down the brush, another young person who has an average intelligence become a carpenter, busy with make tables, chairs and bed Cabinet from door to door, life is bitter, work is busy, but he never put down his brush, he put his brush and paper in Carpenter Tool box , even very late and tired, he always take one hour to paint.

40 years later, he became a master of traditional Chinese painting ,his name is Qi Baishi. The guy who paint along with visit him in Beijing, his friends expressed great admiration and regret for giving up painting. After hearing that the elderly Qi Baishi says with a smile: "success is not as difficult and remote as you said, I come from a Carpenter to a master of traditional Chinese painting, just four years. ” his friend surprised, Baishi took out a pen and paper, calculate the time his spent in painting for 40 years, equivalent to only four years and four months, this is time a young Carpenter become the great painter!

"Do not let one day waste " as a young man he spent an hour in painting, after the age of 90, he still continue painting, at least five pieces painting a day. What is success? Believe that many of people have found the answer from his saying. The distance bewteen Qi Baishi and his friend is very big and very small, only a little bit, is called--insist.

Most common people think that excellent person in one area and full of achievements seems to be natural talented person, their success seems unattainable, but is that really true? Qi Baishi from a Carpenter to a generation of master of Arts, and the distance between his former companions is only a little bit. That seems a little bit of difference, let us know what is the insistence on dreams, what is the upholding of toughness, success is never belong to the natural talented person, it only belongs to those who have the dream, courage,willing to uphold.