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Cycling tour around lake

Practice green travel ideas, enhance employee friendship, Shoulder held a low carbon and environmental protection activities around five lakes in mid-May -- cycling tour around lake.

Everyone gathered at 8:30, staff issued numbers, we queued for a warm up movements, is mainly active bones, preparing for the cycling tour.Shoulder loud slogan: "unity and participation, enterprising", everyone with high spirits and drive forward, proceed to.

Participate of this activities are manufacturing Department I Minister Du Xun, and Director Chen Liyou, and Chen Meng, manufacturing Department II Minister Lu Fengzhi, some senior leader also participate in, they are all refreshing, and staff together forward, actively, members vie with one another, all sector director led their subordinate, does not give up and forward towards, full reflected Shoulder is good team, and active up of spirit.

On the way, several employees had accidentally fall, but after rest a moment, they still push the bike forward, they have the sprits of perseverance, conclusion, defy difficulties, which were greatly admired by everyone in Shoulder. I believe they would be the same in life and work, no matter how great difficulties can not stop the power and pace of their advance. This is a Shoulder member, Shoulder spirit, this spirit we should be carried forward. With this spirit, so tomorrow will be better.