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Classic 9 career advice, make you less 5 years

Success can't wait your turn tripped N times, then climb up and continue to brave toss. For friends have dreams, to consolidate at every step is occupational rule. Classic 9 career advice, make you less 5 years.

First: stay within the comfort zone of the heart cannot forgive.

Everyone has a comfortable area, everyone feel free in this region, does not want to be disturbed and unwilling to talk to strange faces, does not want to be accused of, and unwilling to complete works in time, not willing to take the initiative to care about others and unwilling to think about what others have not thought about something……

This student era is very easy to be understand, sometimes the students are so called the "cold" and "personality" ,counted as commendatory word. However, after working, you have to change this status. Otherwise, you will become the only one be ignored in cocktail party soon, or will quickly be endocrine disorders because of pressure. However, if you can quickly break the comfort zone in student era, faster than the others ,well-handle the relationships between business, personal, public opinion, that you 'll soon stand out.

Second: don't always say uncertain or other similar words.Especially when talking about work with superior.

I really hate to hear a sentence: "later I will send this file to all of the people"; Because this indicates that I often have to remind him not to forget.

Third: do not delay work

First choice of many people between learn and play is play, then complete to review all the examination work at once. But please do not develop such habits at work, because the work could not be finished, do not let you " complete at one time ". Or, when you wander and wander how to implement it, your superior can't tolerate it, and to do it by himself. This is a dangerous signal.

Fourth: don't think theoretically can be implemented as you're done!

This point is too important, often when people began to implement will find scheme fully equal to be nonsense. If you do not practice in person, people who make scheme will sooner or later be despised. Always need to improve our ability to do practical work, but not words.

Fifth: don't let other people waiting for you

In any case, don't let anyone stop their works and waiting for you. Roomate may make half-joking complaint in the university, it may result in loss of your potential partner in the work. You are doing a work at the same time to know the progress of others, and never lag behind.

Sixth: don't think that detail is not important

At the University, often doing things carelessness, just so so is ok. Instead, in the enterprise, the essence of management is to do simple things in details. A hurriedly looking for safe deposit box key actions are likely to lose your chances of promotion Finance Director.

Seventh: not to be negative, just because you do not interest in what you are doing.

It is clear that his time as a student, as to what we like, we will take 200% effort to create, but if it is boring works, then we do not want to pay attention, it is best to have easy ways to pass. But at work, 80% works you do are doing are cumbersome and seemingly mechanical, if unhappy just for this, so you will be depressed for a long time. For this project that your boss has enough to worry about, do you still want to let him see your face?

Eighth: absolutely not only lies in the improved ability to work on a corporate training.

Absolutely impossible to change one person after a trainning. Instead, the knowledge which learn form collective training is always the fewest used.  It likes dishes in refectory, you always could not find your favourite dishes, because these dishes are easily done, and it is not easy to offend. A lot of students pay much attention to check if the company have traning or not, this shows that you don't know what this company doing, you do not even know how to learn these skills.

Ninth: don't shove the responsibility on someone else.

Shove the responsibility on someone is feedback of fear. Don't think that other people cannot see this.