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Shoulder adds new RFID products

Last year Shoulder cooperate with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, bring Shanghai Jiao Tong University technological advantages and our surface acoustic wave devices (SAW) capability into full play, after team's one year efforts, has successfully developed electronic label of surface acoustic wave system (SAW RFID). This system is using surface acoustic wave sensor (SAW) to make electronic label (it is different from IC), is made up of surface acoustic label and readers, is complementarity of IC RFID, which can expand the IOT, and some even referred to it as the second generation of RFID.


RFID system has ① truly passive RFID system, high reliability, and can identify at speeds up to 200 km/h high speed moving objects; ② in metals and liquids can be used on the product; ③ recognition + sensing function, may be subject to measure temperature, pressure, gas, torque and angular velocity (top) and other parameters; ④ (-100 ° c ~300 ° c) temperature difference, reliable working under the bad environment and other advantages. Only big companies can produce SAW RFID system and successfully used in outer space station, Norway Oslo cars cross the bridge toll system and Germany Munich train location systems, car tire pressure testing of the new technologies. Others such as extra high voltage transmission line monitoring, liquid steel monitoring, and ultra-low temperature cold storage , water environment have demand for SAW RFID.