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Understanding suffering

Everybody think that suffering is suffering, combat and loss, does not know that suffering is an acquisition, learning and life recycling.

A personal life is too smooth, will inevitably become puffed up and do whatever they want; A personal life is too rich, will pride luxury and arrogance, advocating glitz. Life without a little twists and turns, some obstacles, it is easy to indulge in a world where personal satisfaction, not beyond the gradual, and pause in life is death.

Suffering, although sometimes the pain in your heart, but can stimulate our mind and awakening the soul, "a bitter experience",  educate our heart, amend our behavior, adjust harmony relationship between people and God, this is an improvement, a growing.

We suffer, sometimes because disobey natural rules; Just indulge in sex, drink and eat too much, stomach must be damaged, physical suffering; give up Avenue and take Perilous Trek, risk is bound to increase. If we disregard the laws of nature, God also tend to take this reminder warning. causing more damage and loss because of our ignorance

We made a mistake, whether unintentional or intentional, must withstand the result caused by errors finally: a lesson, or God give us punishment that wake up us and look back in time. Therefore, suffering is often in resolving many stifled under adversity in life, helping us to be wise people.

Sometimes there is no reason, suffering is only the way God is to hone our mind. Constant frustration to enhance flexibility and stamina of our lives, constant fight to make our life solid and tough, bleeding chest was to make us better understand the pain of others, much closer to the hearts of the people, more Tenderly hold the Earth.

Because of suffering, we know peoples limits, more godliness for God, more respect for life. Small suffering get little wisdom, and big suffering get big wisdom, this is how our life benefitfrom…