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“Fei Cheng wu rao” get a complete success

On November 11, 2011 this wonderful weekend, single men and women from Zhong dian and Ming da gathered in Shoulder, put on a wonderful show " Fei Cheng wu rao "Accompanied by cheerful music, 22 girls debut stage, boys competing to go the stage, for the maintenance of order, is used by drawing lots, firstly Zhong dian minister of human resources Mr.Shi extract the first lucky boy, and simplely share his share the love experience for us, help single men and women to find a right person.

The first half stage, all the girls are very conservative, they do not make any remarks to the boys they do not like, the boys looked very passive, along with melody "it is pity that you are not the one who accompany me ", unfortunately, 5 boys step down the stage.

The mid stage, men and women dialog way occurs change, girls all seat, boys can directly came to communicate with their favourite girls, this a instruction just issued, one boys from Zhong dian has can't wait and rushed came to stage, he speak out No.4 girls in Shoulder and express his love, but that girl do not like him,then issued a booed sound under the stage, the reason is that there are another 4 boys like the No.4th girl, so these 5 boys PK in the stage, they express their love to No.4th girl, they all try their best to make No.4th girl have fancy with themfemale guests, one boy sing love songs, one took flowers to express his love, one…, eventually this girl select her favourite boy, who comes from Qiqihar, accompany with the song "I love you, you are my Juliet… " No.4th girl and 14th boy success led hand, the other men and women exceedingly admire of them.

Matching activities near the end, No.2nd girl and No.34th boy success in hand. The second half stage, except paired staff, extract some women and men to play games, to check their mutual understanding, several rounds of the game, everyone is exciting and happy.

This activity provides single men and women a platform to show themselves, of course, truly understand needs more communication in the future, hope he (or she) could hand in hand forever, the company will continue to carry out similar activities in the future, single men and women hand in hand through this platform.